Mercedes Benz Gwagon G550

<h2>Rent a Mercedes Benz G Wagon G550 in Tampa</h2>
<p>With the amazing off-road capabilities of the Mercedes Benz G Wagon G550, you will certainly be tempted to drive this vehicle on the beaches of Tampa. As tempting as that is, it will probably get you in trouble with local authorities. Still, if you want to explore the beaches for other activities, like sun bathing, swimming, water skiing, or kayaking, this vehicle has plenty of cargo space to carry all of your beach supplies and up to five people to use them. With built-in navigation and adjustable leather seats, you will be extremely comfortable and never get lost while finding the perfect Tampa beach for all of your fun in the sun.</p>
<h2>Pick Up Your Mercedes Benz G Wagon G550 Rental at the Tampa Airport</h2>
<p>With sandy white beaches and warm water practically year round, Tampa is a truly gorgeous location for a beach vacation. And once you arrive, the last thing you will want to do is waste time picking up your rental vehicle when you could be spending that time soaking up rays. With delivery service from Exotic Car Rental Tampa, you won’t need to waste any time picking up your Mercedes Benz G Wagon G550 rental. That time saved can be better spent driving over to Davis Island where you can truly experience the best that Tampa has to offer in beach attractions.</p>