Rent a Rolls Royce Drophead in Tampa

With the top down, the Rolls Royce Drophead looks like a classic cruising car from the 60s or 70s. The image, while vividly inspiring, is a touch misleading. No car in the 60s or 70s had modern features like variable power steering, an air suspension system, built-in GPS navigation, or front and rear parking assist cameras. And, back in those days, you had to lower the convertible soft top manually, rather than simply press a button, like you can with the Rolls Royce Drophead. Modern amenities aside, this car is still ideal for enjoying the breezes blowing in off the Gulf of Mexico and enjoying the scenery of white sandy tropical beaches.

Rolls Royce Drophead Rental in Tampa

Between the built in navigation system and the parking assist cameras, this is an ideal vehicle for exploring the various downtown attractions in Tampa. Rent a Rolls Royce Drophead from Exotic Car Rental Tampa and take off for a trip of the vast culture in downtown Tampa. There is no better way to enjoy the lovely south Florida weather while visiting cultural hot spots like the Dali Museum, Armed Forces History Museum, Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, and the Morean Arts Center.