My closest friend is deeply in love with me personally. Therefore now Sue is extremely hurt and seems betrayed.

My closest friend is deeply in love with me personally. Therefore now Sue is extremely hurt and seems betrayed.

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7:00AM GMT 15 Mar 2011

In the past my companion, Sue, explained she had dropped in love off saying, “I don’t feel the same way, you’re my best friend, I’m straight” with me and I brushed her. She is at the full time and is still in a committed relationship with young ones. We always been close friends on the full years with durations where she’d distance themself from our relationship however we’d make contact with being ok once more, at the least, we thought we did.

Sue now informs me she’s got held it’s place in love beside me the time that is entire has struggled whenever I’ve held it’s place in relationships, which may have been with dudes. Fast-forward to now and I also find myself in my own very very first relationship with a woman and it also is actually with Sue’s extremely friend that is best of two decades. I don’t understand why it simply happened nonetheless it did and it also’s good.

She ended up being waiting for me personally to really have the “ah ha” moment and realize I happened to be supposed to be along with her.

In addition to only explanation she thought over time because I would never want to be with a girl that we weren’t together was. She blames me personally for the design her relationship has been doing for the previous many years and she feels that I’ve led her on when it comes to time that is entire.

Sue is extremely upset I do not know how to navigate the situation with me and. She desires distance, that we have but i’m really aggravated too at having lost her relationship. She informs me she’s working on her behalf family and relationship now and if it gets better, we could be buddies in the foreseeable future. We come together and so I see her each day. And her relationship together with her closest friend hasn’t changed; it is simply ours, that will be the situation. Do any advice is had by you on how best to salvage this relationship?

What a messy situation! I need to state reading your page I happened to be reminded to be fifteen once again whenever my friends and I also talked about “best friends”, had crushes, got jealous sporadically whenever buddies dated one another and would see red in case a mate produced move on some body we liked. However you aren’t teens navigating the turbulent waters of unrequited love, raging hormones and testing the boundaries of relationship – you will be grown women – whom dare I state it, should be aware of better. Rather than using the passive approach of thinking this might be one thing occurring for your requirements – i believe it will be more effective in the event that you and Sue took some duty on your own actions and behavior.

Let’s begin with Sue. She’s in “a committed relationship with kiddies” and blames you when it comes to bad state of her relationship along with her partner. If she actually is in a committed relationship – why had been she pursuing you for several these years anyhow particularly if you shared with her you weren’t interested? You can easily blame other folks however the the fact is Sue permitted her emotions her and she, not you, is responsible for the state Discover More Here of her relationship with her family for you to consume.

You meanwhile appear unacquainted with why Sue might be upset and feel enraged that she has been lost by you relationship. If you should be dedicated to salvaging this relationship you ought to you will need to comprehend her emotions and become truthful in regards to the component you played in producing this present situation. Think about truthfully on– knowing as you did that she had romantic feelings for you whether you ever did anything to lead her? Could your intimacy or friendliness have already been interpreted as flirtation? Might you have put up better boundaries around your relationship? You caused if you answered “yes” – consider apologising to Sue for any upset.

You don’t mention exactly how Sue discovered regarding the new relationship but from you directly – think about how that made her feel if it wasn’t. Have actually you attempted to reveal to her just exactly how you instantly became interested in a female (specially person who is her closest friend) whenever for a lot of years you advertised you can never fancy someone of your intercourse? Once you understand the truth will help her to comprehend a small better.

Exactly what does your brand new partner think of the specific situation?

This indicates amazing that her relationship with Sue has remained unscathed. Did she not understand that Sue was at love to you before she made her go? But, as Sue is not upset she could help you to re-build your relationship with her, perhaps. Decide to try asking on her insights on Sue’s responses and maybe some suggestions about exactly just what might improve issues.

My suggestion is to keep in touch with Sue, apologise if you wish to and talk about means of moving on together with your relationship and working relationship. However it maybe that Sue can’t or move that is won’t out of this. If it may be the ful case – you’ve got no option but to respect her emotions also to keep her to re-build her relationships. Often readiness is once you understand when you should keep well alone.


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