My Ex Girl And I Also Had Sex And She Still Won’t Commit… I’m Confused

My Ex Girl And I Also Had Sex And She Still Won’t Commit… I’m Confused

So that you and your ex lover gf slept together but regardless of this amazing work of love she still won’t invest in you.

Oh, as well as in situation you had been wondering whenever I speak about “commitment” we mean that she won’t agree to officially be your ex partner gf once more.

(Glad we got that cleared up. )

That’s where we appear in.

I’m going to simply just take you from right here,

But more about that in an additional.

I suppose I should begin by stating that you’ve got currently accomplished a great deal.

When you haven’t noticed, ex girl Recovery is a web site that is completely specialized in assisting guys either get over their ex girlfriends or reunite using them.

(you. ) though i am going to admit that a lot of associated with site visitors who communicate with the site have an interest in enabling their girlfriends straight back (including)

The majority of the social people who I interact with have never advanced level in terms of you have got.

In reality, a complete lot of them aren’t even on talking terms along with their exes.

But that’s not a nagging issue you’re having could it be?

Nope, it looks like a not enough communication is not your condition.

No, your issue is deficiencies in dedication.

Anyways, I would like to be sure that i will be conversing with just the right people therefore I ‘m going to place just a little disclaimer for anyone who will be reading.

The “No Sex” Disclaimer

In the event that you as well as your ex-girlfriend have actuallyn’t,

“Had A Roll Within The Hay”

Ok… i will be running away from euphemisms.

I’d like to spell this down for you personally.

Then this article isn’t going to apply to you if you haven’t had sex with your ex girlfriend AFTER the breakup.

The methods that i will describe for a consignment here apply simply to this case.

The specific situation = You Had Sex Together With Your Ex Girl Following The Breakup And She Won’t Commit

That I am about to teach are golden and can be shaped to fit a lot of situations out there just don’t follow this advice word for word if you aren’t in this situation though I will say that some of the things. I’ve produced a lot of guides for a great deal of various situations and possess also written a book.

Okay, that’s my disclaimer.

Lets get down to company.

Why An Ex Girl Whom You Just Had Intercourse With May Not Commit

Commitment is really a thing that is tricky.

The simple truth is that i’ve no trouble trying to explain to a female why a man won’t invest in them but describing why a lady won’t commit to a person is variety of tough.


The thing is, I am a believer that is big the language vs actions concept.

Terms Vs. Actions Theory- then they most likely meant what they said if someone says something measure their actions relating to what they said and if their actions and their words match.

But having a female rest to you rather than commit…

Well, that throws a wrench when you look at those things versus words concept now does not it?

After all, i could think about no greater work of love and dedication than intercourse.

So, a female whom sleeps to you and does not desire to be considered your gf must certanly be having some sort of headwind inside her mind that is preventing her from making the jump.

Oh, as well as in situation you may be a new comer to the website you may hear me bi nude talk probably about headwind a great deal.

In the event that you aren’t knowledgeable about the premise here’s a brief explanation,

Headwind is thought as,

A wind blowing from directly in the front, opposing forward motion.

This means that, in cases where a sailor is in a motorboat he will not like to sail into a headwind as it’s planning to stop the boat from advancing.

The principle that is same to your ex lover gf.

Then that “something” that she is facing would be considered the headwind if she is facing something that is preventing her from committing to you.

Below are a few samples of headwind that the ex girl could possibly be dealing with after making love her committing to you with you that may prevent.